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General Questions

How can I get in touch with you?
You can contact through whichever medium you’d like: Phone number +0034 965 340 685 Email: Mármoles Villena — S/ Embaladoras 4 03400 Villena (Alicante) Spain We will attend you in any medium, but we prefer to talk via email, as our artisans work at home and it is easier to answer all your questions with a little more time.
How can I buy my marble fireplace?
Easy, simple and fast. We choose the fireplace model that we like. We choose the material that better adapts to the design of our house and then you tell us if you want the default dimensions of the fireplace, or if you need other measures that adjust better to your home. Remember that all our fireplaces are made to measure and by hand just for you. Finally, we need some of your data, to send you the budget according to the material that has been chosen. Once you receive the price and if you think it is correct, we will begin with the purchase process. (We’ll show how you in the next question).
Purchasing process
To buy that fireplace you are dreaming of, we will follow the following steps. When we receive your request for a quotation, we will reply with the quotation in writing, indicating the account number to make a payment of 30% as acceptance of the quotation. Once we receive the payment, we will look for the material you have chosen, a pair of blocks so that you decide which tonality you like more. And of course, we will advise you according to our experience. Once you have decided on the block, we will begin to manufacture it and once we have finished it, we will assemble it in the factory and send you photographs so that you can see the final result and give us your final OK. We will send you an email with the pending amount so that you proceed to the payment, and when we receive the bank voucher, we dismantle the fireplace and pack it in its protection box, proceeding to the shipment. Finally, we always appreciate that once the fireplace is delivered, you tell us what you think about your own little work of art.
Can I choose other measurements for my fireplace?
Of course you can. It is your fireplace, and since we manufacture the fireplace upon request, there is no problem if you ask us for what you want because our job is to make it a reality. If the measurement variation is not that big in regards to the standard, we do not modify the price that appears on our website.
What do I need to know when buying my fireplace?
To buy the fireplace you must choose the model you like the most and the type of marble. In addition, we would need to know if you are opting for the standard measures that we mark in the description, or if you’d rather ask for different ones. By making the fireplace customized and by hand, we can vary the measures according to your needs. Finally, we only ask you for the measurements of your firebox. With this information, we adapt the entire fireplace so that it fits better into your home. Don’t worry if you are not too sure about it, in the purchase process we advise you on everything we need.
Is the payment safe?
The payment is only done through bank transfer. We avoid the payment gateways and make sure that the process is safe and fast.
How long does it take to make and ship my fireplace?
How long does it take to sculpt in stone all the love and mastery of our chief artisans? In our case… only 3 weeks. It may seem like a long time, but we want you to understand that all the work is done by hand and we want everything to be perfect. We indicate you the approximate times of the purchasing process: Once you make the payment of 30% for the budget acceptance, it takes 3 days to look for the material and be able to show it to you. When you decide which marble block you like best, we start carving during the next 3 weeks. We show you your fireplace completely assembled for you to give us the final OK. We pack and ship with all our affection, and the shipping time is of approximately 7 days.
Is the fireplace shipped already assembled?
Because of the fireplace dimensions, it is not advised to ship it completely assembled, in addition to the complex logistics of bringing the assembled whole to your place. We ship you the fireplace in only 4 parts, which fit together like a puzzle. In this way, it can be taken without problems to its place of installation.
What is included in the price?
Everything is included in the final price. Packaging, protection box, shipping, all risk insurance in its transport, taxes and of course the fireplace. Please note that the Firebox is not included.
Does the price vary from one material to another?
Yes, the only determining factor that makes the price of a fireplace model vary is the material. From white limestone or cream ivory marble, which are the most commonly used materials for fireplaces, to a green onyx, the price can be almost doubled. You can always compare prices of different materials by indicating the model of fireplace and changing the materials.
Are taxes included in the price?
YES, all taxes are included in the final price we give you.
Do I need to pay for anything else after the final price?
Everything is included in the final price. Packaging, protection box, shipping, all risk insurance in transport, taxes and of course the fireplace of your dreams.
What do you deliver to my house?
We deliver to your home the fireplace in a protective box specially designed for each type of fireplace, along with the invoice and a sketch to assemble the fireplace. Please remember that the Firebox is not included.
Can I return the fireplace?
Your fireplace is made exclusively for you; it is a unique object that we cannot sell to another person. There is no problem in canceling the order until you definitively confirm the material. In this case, you will be refunded the amount you paid within 2 working days. But once you confirm the block of marble that you like, we will begin the work, and in this case, it is no longer possible to refund the 30% deposit you paid to confirm the order.
Is shipping insured?
Our products are shipped in a protective drawer specially designed for our fireplaces. However, we consider that any additional protection is never too much, so we insure our goods against all risks during their transportation.
What do I do if I received the fireplace with something defective?
We send you photographs of the assembled fireplace, so that you can check that everything is to your liking. We then check the fireplace up to 3 times with different personnel before proceeding to dismantle and pack it inside its protective drawer, to ensure everything is correct.   In the case that you find something defective when unpacking the fireplace, you must notify us within 48 hours at the following address email to proceed to evaluate the incident and resolve it as soon as possible.

About Our Fireplaces

Where do we manufacture our products?
Our main factory is located in Villena (Alicante), where we control the material, finishing touches, shipping, and give assistance to our customers. We are fortunate to have 3 Stone artisans in our team with more than 25 years of experience each. We reconcile their work and family life, so they work from their workshops at home, offering us in each of the projects all their expertise.
How do we manufacture
WE DON’T HAVE STOCK, WE DON’T SELL WHOLESALE, WE DON’T MANUFACTURE IN SERIES. Your fireplace is a unique project from beginning to end. The model you fall in love with, with the marble that is in tune with the atmosphere of the house and the measures that adapt to its space. This is how we work. Completely handcrafted and made by hand, we design, cut and polish each of the pieces that make up the fireplace, so you get a unique and unrepeatable product.
Materials quality
We work with stone materials of the highest quality. We search in the quarries for the best block in order to elaborate our fireplaces. Please remember that we will always show you a couple of options so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs, but we will always advise you during the process.
Stone details
Once the material has been chosen, we will show the marble blocks to you so that you can choose the one you like the most, although we will always advise you, according to our experience, which of them would be ideal.
How to assemble the fireplace
The chimney is shipped in 4 parts: the lower zone, 2 sides, and the upper zone. To put it all together, it is as easy as placing each one of the components on top of the others, since the pieces are manufactured so that they fit together. In this way, no glue is needed to join the parts, so the weight fixes each of the parts between them. Nevertheless, we also deliver you marble glue if you feel safer adding this component.

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