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Crater, born as a commitment to quality, beauty and innovation from the hands of our craftsmen. Price and service become our main feature.


Crater is the culmination of a project based on the quality and effort of Mármoles Villena. A family business that has been working with stone for more than 4 decades to offer solutions that combine beauty, quality and avant-garde design.

Our work begins with the direct selection of stone, marble or granite in the quarries. We do not use intermediaries in the selection process, which allows us to personally choose the best material for each of our fireplaces. Material supervised by the final client.

In our facilities in Villena (Spain), we work with the acquired block to cut it and adapt it to the measures that our clients need. This is when the work that distinguishes us really begins, not only because of the quality of our materials but also because of the dedication of our artisans, who manually elaborate each one of the pieces that make up the CRATER fireplaces.

The perfection of all our fireplaces can only be achieved with the craftsmanship during 3 weeks of hard work, creating small works of ART.

Marble Quarry




Marble Quarry





Only by knowing the hands of our artisans you can appreciate the beauty of their work.

Luis Marti

Artisan Manager

Miguel esteban

Artisan Chief

Angel Escuer

Artisan Chief

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